Sunday, November 18, 2018

Flip the Switch: Overcome the World

1 John 5:1–5

Scripture Discussion & Application

1 John 5:1–2

John says if we love God and believe in Him, then we will love others. Our belief should dictate our behavior. How have you seen your love for God enable you to begin to love those who are 'hard' to love?

In light of that view and God's calling, how will your actions toward people change?

1 John 5:2

Loving God's children is a way to love God and obey Him. Here are some Biblical examples of how to love others. Which ones are easy for you? Which ones are hard?

1. Put them first. (Phil. 2:3)
2. Seek their good. (1 Thess. 5:15)
3. Ask for their forgiveness / forgive them. (Col. 3:13)
4. Listen to them. (James 1:19)
5. Include them. (1 Peter 4:9)
6. Be generous to them. (2 Cor. 9:11)
7. Sacrifice for them. (Jn. 15:13)
8. Encourage them with the gospel. (1 Thess. 5:11)
9. Pray for them. (James 5:16)

1 John 5:3

God has rules and tells us to do things/not do things, but His rules aren't meant to be a hassle for us to follow and obey. Why is it that we see God's commandments as burdensome instead of helpful?

What was it like when you obeyed God in spite of what you wanted and saw it turn out to be for the best?

1 John 5:4–5

If faith is what ensures our victory over the world, what can you do to "feed your faith"?

When/how/where is your faith the strongest?

Where in your day-to-day life do you feel defeated by the world? How can the application of faith help you overcome your battle(s)?

How do you see the connection between faith, love and obedience?

Next Steps

Love God and others. Pick a few of the ways to love others (discussed above) and commit to love others this week by doing those things. Which ones will you do?

Obey God. Identify the area(s) in your life where you know you're disobeying God. Confess your sins to God, turn back towards Him, and ask Him and others to help you obey what He's called you to do. What's one way you will obey this week?

Feed your faith. Choose one of the following ways to feed your faith:
- Gratitude by looking back at all God has done
- Taking another step of faith to keep moving forward
- Give it all to God and depend on Him completely
Which one(s) do you choose to build your faith?

How To Pray This Week

Pray that your group will understand the connection between our faith, love and obedience to God. Ask God to shine a light on areas in which we need to grow towards Him more, and that we will be obedient to what He's called us to do.

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Sunday, November 25th
Use this week as a chance to serve together, host a party and invite new people, or hang out together outside of your usual meeting place. As we church people say, "do life" together.

Christmas Eve Eve Service
Sunday, December 23rd at 5pm at both campuses.
There is no rWorld for the evening service.
(Sunday morning services are still happening that day as well. Normal schedule for those.)

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Flip the Switch: Here's What Love Does

1 John 4:7–21

→ Scripture Discussion

What are some ways the world defines love?

Read 1 John 4:7–10

How does the Bible define it?
(See 1 John 4:9–10 and John 15:13.)

God showed His love for us by sending His Son to be the sacrifice for our sins. What insight does this give us into how God expects us to show love to others?

What happens to our efforts to love each other if those efforts aren't connected to Jesus' love for us?

How willing are you to make loving sacrifices in your relationships with others right now?

What does your willingness to sacrifice for others show about the way you see and define love?

What is the difference between claiming that "God is loving," and that "God is love"? Why is the second more meaningful than the first?

How does God's love for us transform the way we see other people?

When we fail to love others, what does it reveal about our own relationship with God?

Why is it important that we find the definition of love in the cross rather than somewhere else?

What is the danger of defining God's love based on your circumstances rather than the cross?

Is there any situation in your life right now that is causing you to question the love of God? Based on these verses, how would you counter those doubts?

Read 1 John 4:11–21

Does verse 12 indicate that God's love is somehow imperfect or incomplete? Why or why not?

What does it mean that God's love is made complete or perfected when we love one another?
(As we love one another, that love of God becomes visible to those around us through the tangible and sacrificial expressions of love. This is how the love of God is made complete and becomes visible – when we love each other.)

When we love the way God loves, two things happen according to verses 17–21. What are they?

→ Personal Application

When do you find it hard to love?

Who do you find hard to love?

How can we overcome the challenge to love?

→ Next Steps

Love sends. What opportunities do you have to go out of your way for someone this week?

Love sacrifices. How will you give your very best in order to demonstrate the love of God to someone this week?

Love stays. Who needs you to remain with them this week?

→ How To Pray This Week

Pray and thank God that He deals with us in love. Thank Him for defining love through Jesus, and pray that we would love each other in the same practical and tangible ways He has loved us.

→ Happenings

Communion - Sunday, November 25th
Use this week as a chance to serve together, host a party and invite new people, or hang out together outside of your usual meeting place. As we church people say, "do life" together.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Flip the Switch: Three Big Questions

1 John 3:18–24

Scripture Discussion

1. What if you could know you're saved? (vs. 18–19)

How is God's true love seen to be real in a believer?

What are some differences between 'acting' and 'actions' when it comes to our faith?

What is one way in which you've noticed your actions demonstrate your faith?

What has caused you to question whether or not you're really saved?
-  Do you bring your questions to God to answer, or do you try to find them on your own?

2. Why do we feel guilty? (v. 20)

How can guilt keep us away from a deep relationship with God?

But how has conviction pushed you toward a deeper relationship with God?

Why is your conscience not the same thing as the Holy Spirit?

The heart of man has always been a problem. When should we listen to it and when should we stop listening?

3. What's the deal with prayer? (vs. 21–22)

Why would our obedience to God's commands affect our confidence in prayer?

Why don't we get what we prayed for?

How can you get to a point where you know what pleases God and pray for that?

vs. 23–24

Believe in Jesus. Obey God. Love others. How has Jesus changed your life and caused you to obey God and love others?

Next Steps

How can you put God's love that is in you into action this week?

What will you do about the Holy Spirit's conviction in your life?

What is one or two things you will pray for this week because you know it pleases God?

(rGroup Leaders, use this week's discussion to get those who are on the fringes with their faith to talk with you about where they're at, what's holding them back, and what they'd like to do about it.)

How To Pray This Week

Pray for the group to experience a greater level of reassurance in their relationship with God through faith in Christ, and that God would cast away any fear or doubt.


Communion - Sunday, November 25th
Use this week as a chance to serve together, host a party and invite new people, or hang out together outside of your usual meeting place. As we church people say, "do life" together.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Flip the Switch: Paternity Test

1 John 3:1–18


How is it possible to tell apart believers and unbelievers?

Scripture Discussion

Read verse 10. In this verse, John describes two evidences of children of God:
1. Practice Righteousness
2. Known for Love

Which one of those two is harder for you?

Practice Righteousness:

How do you distinguish between righteousness and self-righteousness?

Why is it easy to fall back into our sinful nature, yet hard to be consistently righteous?

Take the word 'practice' literally. How are you practicing righteousness?

Read verse 9. How does knowing that God's nature abides in you change your approach to sin and lawlessness?

Known for Love:

What are you known for by your family, friends or coworkers?

What drives people in our culture to be loved?

How is love really demonstrated?

To what need of others do you close your heart?

Are children of God able to produce this kind of love on their own? How is it accomplished?

How is engaging in controversies and quarrels with the world unprofitable?

Read James 1:27. What does James teach about religion?

Read Psalm 89:14-15. Why is being born of God an important art of our identity in Christ?

Next Steps

Some in your group may be enslaved to a pattern of sin. This does not necessarily mean they're not Christians, but that they need encouragement and support to help overcome it. This week may be a good time to bring up these matters with individuals in your group and encourage them to seek Christ for deliverance and support. Challenge the group to consider how they can love one another through the process of repentance.

What step will you take this week in order to practice righteousness (Move Forward)?

John provides on very practical way to love one another: meet the material needs of other believers (1 John 3:17-18). This week, as a group, prayerfully consider identifying an individual or family whose material needs you can meet. This is just one example. Feel free to explore other opportunities to love others the way Jesus has loved you.

How will you put love into action (Love Big) this week?

How To Pray This Week

Pray that your group will be encouraged to pursue righteousness and live their life in the light.

Pray that your group will respond in love when the world expresses hatred.

Pray for the group to express sacrificial love toward those in need.


Operation Christmas Child: Shoebox Packing Party & Chicken Stew

When/Where: Sat, Nov 3rd at 3pm at REVO North

What: This is a free event (including free chicken stew for attendees), although donations to help cover shoebox shipping costs and desserts will be accepted, and kids are welcome! We’ll enjoy fellowship, pack shoeboxes with items already provided by REVO & donations, and pray for the kids who will receive the boxes.

How to help: In addition to attending, we also still need more volunteers for the event so please email Pastor Barrett ( if you’re interested in serving and he’ll connect with you volunteer leaders to find out how to be involved!

Can’t attend? We are also taking pre-orders for Chicken Stew to Go. $10 a quart and money goes to help pay for shipping costs. Have it for Sunday lunch or freeze it for the first snow day. Also make sure to return all filled shoeboxes that you/your family/your rGroup have packed yourselves to REVO by Sunday morning Oct 28 if possible or, at the very latest, by Sunday, Nov 4.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Flip the Switch: 4th Quarter

Read 1 John 2:18–29


John begins by again referring to his readers as "children" and issues a warning. What was something your parents warned you about as a child?

Scripture Discussion

v. 18 - Why does John emphasize a sense of urgency ("the last hour is here")? How does this apply to us reading the Word today?

What is an antichrist? Who are they?

v. 19 - Who are these who "went out" and what does that mean? Can they be considered believers? Are we to call people heretics if they stop going to our church? What is the application here for us?

v. 20-21 - What does the Holy Spirit have to do with our understanding of truth and doctrine? How does the Spirit protect us from false teaching? How do you know if someone is a falser teacher or not?

v. 22-23 - What does John call someone who denies that Jesus is the Christ? How can we deal with this strong word in our culture of tolerance today?

Who was the first liar? Why does our enemy use lies as his chief weapon against believers? What makes this effective?

What are some of the lies the enemy uses?

How can we avoid being deceived into believing the enemy's lies?

v 24-25 - What does John mean, "what you have heard from the beginning? When you receive that, what do you have and for how long?

v 28 - What reason does v. 28 give you for having a close relationship with Jesus? Are you ready for Him to come back? Ideally, what would you like the state of your earthly life to be when He returns? What stands in the way of that?

Next Steps

Pay close attention to what friends, pastors, leaders, the media, etc. say about your family, humanity, society, and God. Consider statements and evaluate whether they are wholly true, partly true, or completely false.

Identify people in your life that you can trust to teach and show you the truth. Let them know that you want them to hold you accountable, and that you will do the same for them.

The last hour is here. What next step has God called you to move forward with?

How To Pray This Week

Pray that the Holy Spirit would give you greater discernment to detect and combat false teaching in your daily life.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to help you remain in fellowship with Christ and be full of courage.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Flip the Switch: Jellyfish or Salmon?

Read 1 John 2:15–17

Scripture Review

What does John mean when he says "do not love the world"? What do you think are some things in the world that we shouldn't love?

How can our love of the world squeeze out our love for God?

What are the three techniques that Satan uses to draw us into loving the world?

Personal Application

1. Lust of the Flesh

What does our culture run hard after when it comes to desires?

What is advertised in our world today that makes people believe that "it" will bring happiness?

What would you say is the "current" flowing in schools and universities? At your workplace? Amongst your friends?

How can a believer choose to "fight against the current" or "take a stand for righteousness?"

2. Lust of the Eyes

How would you describe "lust of the eyes?"

What kind of study do you let your eyes watch? How does that affect your soul?

Are you tempted to get the latest electronics, car, house, etc.? What's the pull?

What stops us from being ruled by our desires?

3. Pride of Life

How do we define worldliness? What makes evil look normal, and godliness look weird?

Our lives ruled by pride either makes us feel superior to some, while making us feel inferior to others. Why is that a bad thing?

Next Steps

What are some practical ways we can combat each of these temptations?

How can you be like a salmon swimming up stream and against the current, and not like a jellyfish that just drifts wherever the current takes it?

What are some safeguards that you can implement in our life and in your home that will keep you from drifting into loving the world?

How To Pray This Week

Pray that as you are tempted by the things of the world this week that you will remember your identity in Christ and claim God's power to fight back against those temptations.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Flip the Switch: The Light Test

Read 1 John 2:3–11

How would you respond to someone who asks, "Why does it matter how I live, if Jesus forgives all my sin and is the atoning sacrifice"?

Scripture Review

Read verse 3. What does John point out is the clear indication in our lives of whether or not we have come to know Jesus?

Read verses 4–5. What's the difference between a liar and someone telling the truth?

Read verse 6. Who should our behavior be modeled after? How did Jesus demonstrate obedience to His Father, and how can you?

Read verse 7–8. In what sense is loving God and obeying him an 'old command' and in what sense is it a 'new command'?

Read verses 9-12. What does it mean to 'be' or 'live' in the light?

Why do you think John emphasizes our love for other Christians as much as he does?

Read verses 1–2. What grace is being offered in this passage?

Personal Application

What would you say about the person who claims to know Jesus but whose life tells another story? How can/do you help someone in this situation?

If someone claims to be in the light but has a terrible relationship with a brother or sister in Christ, what does this indicate? How can/do you help someone in this situation?

What kind of person is this passage calling you to be?

How is Jesus your ultimate example? How do you, personally, look up to and imitate him? Share an example.

How does participating in community (or not) affect your faith?

Next Steps

Which truth from this passage is the most important to you today? What practical way will you apply this truth to your life?

What specific command(s) are challenging to follow? How will you change and obey?

Spend some time with your group to connect outside of your weekly meeting – at someone's home, coffee shop, restaurant, etc. Share your personal stories of your relationship with God.

How To Pray This Week

Confess the areas in your life in which you have been disobeying God. Ask God for forgiveness, and tell Him how you will move forward.

Pray that God would gracefully develop deep and meaningful relationships in your group so that we can live in the light.